Announcing The AE520 – The New Flagship

Acoustic Energy are set to launch a brand-new addition to their recently launched 500 Series, the flagship AE520.

This powerful slim-line, floor-standing loudspeaker builds on the AE500 and AE509 models to firmly establish itself as the brand’s new flagship with its multi-driver design, imposing size and performance.
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AE1 Active

The AE1 Active is a two way standmount speaker with integrated class A/B amplification and fully active filter networks. Featuring Acoustic Energy’s legendary pure piston ceramic aluminium cone technology, the AE1 Active has all the refinement and impact you would expect from the original AE1 housed within a self powered, fully active package. The speakers also feature Acoustic Energy’s proprietary aluminium dome tweeter with our unique WDT waveguide for improved coverage and room integration.

The AE1 Active is equally comfortable in the home or the recording studio. With the added benefit of adjustable bass and treble and a choice of RCA or balanced XLR connections, this speaker blends seamlessly into any listening environment.